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About Us

Who we are...

Bedford Pharmacy is an independent community pharmacy located in Bedford, NH. We fill commercially available prescriptions as well as prepare compounded medications. Bedford Pharmacy sells popular over the counter health related items and medical supplies. If we do not normally stock a particular item you are looking for we can special order it for you at no additional charge. Most items arrive by the next business day.

Our compounding lab is equipped with state of the art, high quality equipment such as HEPA filtered work stations, federally approved electronic balances, ointment and cream milling devices, and suppository sealers. These devices, in conjunction with advanced compounding computer software, ensure the quality and safety of the products we make.

Bedford Pharmacy serves the greater Manchester area and surrounding communities in addition to shipping products to our patients throughout the United States.

Our goal is to be a source for our patients to obtain anything they need to solve their immediate medical needs and work closely with them to create long term health care solutions. We are committed to providing quality products in a timely fashion.

During our normal business hours there is always a pharmacist available to talk to you about your individual situation. There is no problem too big or too small. Call us to find out how we can help you.

The History of Bedford Pharmacy

Ronald Petrin (Click to view CV.), owner and founder of Bedford Pharmacy has had a long history working in pharmacy that started when he was in high school. As a part time employee, he worked as a soda jerk at Garand's Pharmacy in Manchester, NH. He would watch while the pharmacist was compounding ointments, creams, and elixirs. This was his first introduction to the Art of Compounding. While he attended Saint Anselm College he worked at Notre Dame Hospital, now called Catholic Medical Center then worked at Hospital Pharmacy in Derry and Salem, NH while attending MA College of Pharmacy in Boston. After graduating, he spent six years managing an independent community pharmacy in Nashua, NH. That is where he developed his passion for owning his own business.

In September of 1982 Ron founded Bedford Pharmacy. It was a small 1200 square foot independent community pharmacy located in Bedford, NH. The population of Bedford at that time was 12,000. This was the second pharmacy and the only independent pharmacy in the town. The original pharmacy was similar to the typical pharmacy of today; the pharmacy filled prescriptions as well as selling greeting cards, gifts and health and beauty aids. In the early 90's he included a segregated compounding area in the pharmacy. Bedford Pharmacy was the first pharmacy in the State to have a special compounding area. Over the years, Ron enlarged and remodeled the Pharmacy three times, until there was no more space he could rent at the 101 Plaza.

As the industry began to change, more and more independent pharmacies were selling to chain pharmacies and consequently there was a need for more individualized services like compounded prescriptions. The most recent pharmacy remodeling eliminated all non healthcare items, reduced the size of the facility and a shift in focus was placed primarily on compounding, patient specific care, and prescriber relationships. Innovation and state of the art compounding is now the driving force of this cutting edge business.

Today, Bedford Pharmacy is back to its original size, but now it is lean and focused. Bedford has grown to almost 20,000 residents and the compounding pharmacy is in more demand than ever. With its new concentration on the fundamentals of healthcare in conjunction with its modernization, the staff at Bedford Pharmacy is undistracted in their focus on patient specific care and highest quality of personal service for all of its patients.